About Roots2Mindfulness

It all started when…

I realized I needed to start taking care of myself!

My self-care journey started with my Master of Education, Special Education thesis research, Why Mindfulness Matters:  How Mindfulness of Paraprofessionals Affects Personal and Professional Well-being.  I knew that I couldn't continue working with children with high needs if I hadn't first taken care of myself. This began a journey of self-discovery and healing through a daily mindfulness meditation and yoga practice. 

I grew up as an active individual and started practicing yoga 10 years ago. However, I decided that I wanted yoga to be more than a workout regime. I had previously lead yoga classes for colleagues, school yoga clubs, and as off-ice training for figure skaters, and knew that teaching yoga to others was something I was passionate about. After completing my Masters, I flew down to California and took a 200-hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training (YTT). I studied vinyasa, hot hatha, and yin yoga traditions and fell in love with each tradition. 

Janet Yoga.jpg

My 200-Hr YTT gave me the confidence to follow my passion, combining my love of yoga, mindfulness, teaching, and working with others. Roots2Mindfulness was created with the goal of helping others improve their overall well-being. To enhance well-being, I also started researching more about the use of essential oils to promote wellness and enhance meditation and yoga practices for personal and professional use. I started purchasing Young Living essential oils in May 2018 and began using them in my classroom. My students enjoyed the smells and felt the calming effects of the diffused oils. I took the Young Living Raindrop and Vitaflex certification in August 2018 in order to increase the impact of my services.    

Every day I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful territory and work with incredible individuals. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with children and adults throughout Yukon. 


Janet Rudzroga