Corporate Programs

Corporations and businesses in Yukon are able to choose Roots2Mindfulness for wellness training and practice purposes. Choose from a range of yoga and meditation services that best serves your group. Click on the Request a Quote/Book a Session button to inquire about rates for your specific group.  

Organizations are responsible for providing a space adequate for the number of participants.  The information sessions require a room with a projector and space to practice.  Roots2Mindfulness uses high-quality Halfmoon yoga and meditation equipment and will bring all equipment and materials necessary for the practice.  If aromatherapy is desired, Roots2Mindfulness brings Young Living products.

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Why choose one of the programs offered by Roots2Mindfulness for your staff? 

Stress in the workplace is linked to higher rates of mental health illness, burnout, absenteeism, decreased physical and emotional well-being, and contributes to a negative workplace environment. Corporate yoga and meditation sessions can improve overall health and wellness of employees, leading to more productive employees. Corporate yoga and meditation sessions also provide an avenue to connect with colleagues.

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Workshops range in duration with the option to choose from half-day, full-day, or ongoing one-hour weekly (or monthly) workshops. Regardless of format chosen, each workshop will begin with information and conclude with meditation practice.  

Mindfulness Information workshop & Practice Session

The purpose of the mindfulness information workshop and practice session is to help introduce your staff to the benefits of mindfulness meditation and promote wellness within the workplace. Participants will be provided with information on defining mindfulness, effects of stress, simple steps of meditation, types of meditation, and how to set up a meditation routine. Throughout the session, specific mindfulness strategies will be practiced with a longer meditation at the end of the session. 

Option to customize services to enhance session benefits, including aromatherapy, gentle relaxation music, and manipulation/massage (scalp massage, hand/foot massage).  


Group Meditation

Roots2Mindfulness offers guided meditation experiences for groups up to 30.  Sessions are typically 60 minutes in duration, which includes set-up, facilitation, and clean-up. This session is strictly a meditation experience; for background information and an introduction to meditation, it is recommended to choose the Mindfulness Information Workshop and Practice Session as the initial session.   

Types of guided meditations offered include body scans, progressive relaxation meditation, sitting meditation, breath-awareness meditation, visualization meditation, and loving-kindness meditation. 

Option to customize services to enhance session benefits, including aromatherapy, gentle relaxation music, and manipulation/massage (scalp massage, hand/foot massage). 

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Group Yoga

Roots2Mindfulness offers two different styles of Yoga for groups up to 30. 

Vinyasa is a flow-style of yoga, which is all about connecting the breath to the movement.  Participants can expect to sweat during this style of yoga and feel more energized. 

Yin yoga is a slower-paced style of yoga, in which poses are held for longer duration to help target deeper connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, tendons, and bones). 

Props can be used to make yoga poses more accessible and restorative in nature.  Regardless of style of yoga chosen, participants will benefit from their yoga practice. Sessions are typically 60 minutes in duration.