Programs for Kids

Roots2Mindfulness has a variety of yoga and mindfulness programs available to choose from to support the mental health and well-being of your child outside of the school. The family provides the physical space to practice and Roots2Mindfulness brings all the equipment and materials. Learn more about the available mindfulness and yoga programs.

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Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness Programs are flexible in nature and can be presented as one-on-one sessions or with a group of interested individuals. A great opportunity to learn self-regulation strategies, increase attention and focus, reconnect with nature, and reduce reliance on technology and video games.    

Choose from specific programs based on your child’s interests. Not sure which one to pick? Roots2Mindfulness can tailor activities to best suit your child’s needs.

Prices are based on individual basis. Please contact Roots2Mindfulness to discuss options.

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Yoga for Kids

Roots2Mindfulness offers specialized yoga programs for students in grades K-12 outside of school hours. Help support your child’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being by introducing them to yoga in a fun and safe way. Feel free to join in on the sessions!  

Supporting your Child’s Education in Alternative Settings:

  • Daily physical activity and concepts of physical literacy are important contributors to health.

  • Important to learn different types of physical activities and their effects on the body.

  • Body awareness helps promote healthy lifestyle choices & ensures needs are met.

  • Importance of connectivity and holistic development – mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

  • Knowing about ourselves and our own emotions can help develop positive relationships with others.

  • Developing communication skills and emotional regulation strategies can help promote positive and healthy relationships, in which we feel connected and supported.

  • Healthy choices effects overall well-being.

 Please contact for booking individual sessions with your child.